Why Having Separate Websites for Multiple Brewery Locations Is Crucial for “Near Me” Google Search

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   Meet Pinky LeBrew, a fictional bar owner with 4 locations across town. Pinky for the last “fill in the blank” years has had one website for all of his locations. The entrepreneur has separate social media accounts for all his sites BUT only one website for all of his locations. Is this a problem for his businesses? YES, because his locations are not benefiting from search engine searches like “Near Me” and his SEO is a wreck. His businesses typically don’t show up on Google searches. Customers frequently turn to search engines like Google when seeking local businesses, including breweries and taprooms. A significant portion of these searches includes phrases like “brewery near me” or “taproom nearby.” To capitalize on this local search traffic effectively, it’s necessary for businesses with multiple physical locations to have separate websites for each location. In this blog post, we’ll explore why having individual websites per location is crucial for optimizing your presence in “Near Me” Google searches.


Enhanced Local SEO:


   When you operate multiple brewery locations under a single website, your local SEO efforts become diluted. Each location has unique attributes, such as its address, contact information, hours of operation, events, drink deals and customer reviews. Google’s search algorithms favor businesses that provide accurate and detailed location-specific information. By creating separate websites for each brewery location, you can optimize each one for its specific geographic area, leading to improved visibility in local search results. According to this Hubspot blog, “More than 145 million people visit Yelp”, you are going to want to also have accounts for each location to share your events and reviews on sites like Yelp and Google My Business.


Tailored Content and Messaging:


   Different brewery locations may have distinct offerings, events, or promotions. Having separate websites allows you to create tailored content and messaging that resonates with the local audience. You can highlight location-specific features, such as special brews, events, or partnerships with nearby businesses, making your brewery more appealing to potential customers in each area. Point your social media to its respective website.


Optimized “Near Me” Searches:


   Consumers frequently use “Near Me” searches to find businesses conveniently located near them. When each brewery location has its own website, you increase the chances of appearing in these searches. Google can more accurately match users’ queries with specific location pages, providing them with the most relevant results and driving more foot traffic to your breweries.


Improved User Experience:


   Separate websites for each brewery location enhance the user experience. Visitors can quickly find location-specific information without navigating through a generic website. This streamlined approach simplifies the decision-making process for potential customers, making it easier for them to choose a particular location to visit.


Effective Marketing Campaigns:


   If you run marketing campaigns or promotions for specific brewery locations, separate websites offer a centralized platform to showcase these marketing initiatives. You can create dedicated landing pages, track campaign performance, and engage with customers through location-specific blogs, newsletters, and social media integration.


Precise Analytics and Insights:


   Analytics tools become more insightful when you have separate websites for each location. You can track the performance of each site independently, allowing you to understand which locations are attracting the most online traffic, conversions, and customer engagement. This data-driven approach empowers you to refine your marketing strategies and allocate resources effectively.


The Statistics:

  • 70% of mobile searches are for local businesses.

  • 46% of all Google searches are for local information.

  • 92% of consumers who search for local businesses on their smartphones visit a store within 24 hours.

  • Businesses with a Google My Business profile are 70% more likely to receive website visits and 50% more likely to receive phone calls.

  • Businesses with multiple locations see a 37% increase in traffic and a 17% increase in sales.


   Each one of your locations needs its own website to improve your online visibility and bring more customers to your doors. Don’t miss out on this essential opportunity to connect with local customers – invest in individual websites for each of your locations. Be like Pinky LeBrew.


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