About Me

  I started coding in 2018 after deciding that teaching and public sector jobs were no longer for me.  Code was something i always enjoyed since college so i went full time and never looked back.  By 2020 I was working as software developer at Microsoft in Seattle but then covid hit and my contract was terminated.  Working for a big company was great and all but i missed San Diego so I decided to start my own company.

    In 2022, I returned home from a night out with some buddies. We had visited several bars and breweries, but their websites were slow and hard to use with screen readers (low accessibility scores). I researched this problem and discovered that many sites ignored these issues and offered a poor user experience.  My goal is to try to fix this problem for my community for a better web experience for all BrewPub aficionados in Southern California and all over the country. 

My Web Business Card