Our Services

We create websites and web hosting for hospitality.  Particularly Bars,Pubs & Restaurants.


Some may call WordPress the default option​ to build a website and it’s an option we can offer for you.  Plugins offer many options for your site to get your website Web Ready.



All of the sites that we create from scratch or start from a chosen template by the customer are done with Elementor.  It is the most popular WordPress page builder with plugins designed to get you Web Ready.



You need to bring organic customer interaction to your site to rank higher on Google.  Higher ranking = more site visits = more foot traffic = Higher Profits.  This process takes about 6-12 months to start seeing results.  We will develop a plan with monthly reports so you can see how we can help bring in more customers for you and a higher Google ranking.  


You are ready to sell your products to your customers.  We got your back with the best of the best platform in selling your brewproducts – WooCommerce.


Hosting Services

We have partnered up with the following web hosting companies specializing in WordPress to host your website. We have our own websites on there and 100% recommend them. Depending on your situation and needs we will make our recommendation.


It depends on the project and timely delivery of digital assets (images, logos). Once we get the information it takes about 2 weeks for a templated site (Starter), 3 weeks for an original design (Essentials) and 4-5 weeks on an ecommerce site (Premium). It also depends on the total of pages we will build for you.

Our focused niche is Bars, Pubs, Restaurants. We have worked in the past with Medical Professionals and Law firms.


Yes. Give us a call or email. We will be happy to help. We will provide you with a quote before we take on your task.

All major cards, ACH(e-check) bank transfers.  We took Zelle but at this time put that option on hold due to BofA lack of security at this time.

Images that are best used are the ones that are yours, that is one of the main factors that makes your website unique. We will work with you to find the images best suited for you and your brand.


Depending on what type of project we will work on for you and the traffic you believe your website will get we will recommend a hosting provider (Elementor, Siteground, Kinsta). We have partnerships with these companies to host your websites. We will make a recommendation based on your need and you decide. Upon completion of your website we will then migrate your project to your chosen provider.


Google recently sold off their domain services to square space so we will provide a few domain providers if you don’t have a domain.


Once the project is completed and you approve of the changes we can migrate the website to your chosen hosting service provider. You can go with one of our recommendations or with one of your own, your choice.

No. SEO is a process that takes anywhere from 9 months to 12 months plus for you to start ranking on Googles’ first page. We offer a service for that.  Will your website be written ready to rank high?  Absolutely.

No, but we do work with freelancers and companies we will recommend for the job.

Collect Project Requirements–> Present Project Proposal –> Project Wireframing (Ecommerce) –> Collect information –> Web Design –> Project Launch.


We collect 50% of project fee at the start of the project if our proposal is accepted. We then collect the rest once the website is completed (and approved) and before website hand off.

Wordpress and Elementor Pro page builder and “Hello” theme. Wordpress powers about 44% of websites worldwide and Elementor is the premiere page builder. Hello theme is a blank them that pairs well with Elementor.


We do take work for bug fixes for HTML/CSS/JS/React on a case by case basis.

There is a form you can download in our landing page under the “download” button. Once you get that form you can contact us asking us for a free audit. We will review your site for those metrics and let you know what needs changing with the cost for us to fix your websites problems should you want to work with us.

Send us an email below, at our contact page, or give us a call at (619)777-6867.



Let us help you get your business found online.  Show up on Google’s first page and increase foot traffic to your establishment’s doors.